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VTS, Vina Trade Synergy Co., Ltd, tax code 0107475020, address at BT7-16, Văn Khê, Hà Đông, HN, managed by a team of experienced personnel to ensure our valued customers receive excellent sales services, top quality products and solid technical supports. We are in partnership with leading brands such as Alseal sealant, Malaysia, Rhinoz crack repair and jointing compound, Thailan, Nitto Denko, Japan who constantly improve and develop new sealant products to serve ever-changing needs of the dynamic markets, especially in construction field. 

Our main goals are to provide our clients and partners with:

  • Innovative solutions

  • Top quality products

  • Total customer satisfaction

  • Fairness in business

  • Circulation of goodwill

Technical and cost advantages

All our products are results of our trusted partners’ extensive research and development programmes. Stringent quality controls have been implemented at every stage of our automated manufacturing process to ensure consistent, high-quality products that meet or exceed international standards.

Our main sealant products

  • High performance MS sealant AS-4001S used for door and window perimeters, wall panel joints, precast concrete wall joint, expansion joints, construction joints

  • Crack repair and hybrid jointing solution RF134, FX55

  • Fire retardant elastomeric sealant AS-1001 for fire rated elastomeric joints

  • MS sealant AS-4005 for cleanroom

all manufactured based on advanced polymer technology invented by Kaneka, Japan, meeting highest standards on construction joint sealant, user and ecofriendly, awarded by GECA green label for green building.

Together with manufacturer, we unceasingly improve, look for and develop new solutions to meet increasing demand for construction joint sealant with competitive price.

Our sealant products have been used in critical projects such as Aeon Mall Hà Đông, Aeon Mall Hải Phòng, SMC Đồng Nai, Keangnam, Nippon, Daikin, Panasonic, Sam Sung, designed for use by credited Japanese clients such as Kajima, Vinata, Obayashi, Daiwa House etc.

We firmly believe in and strive to building a long-term, mutually-trusting and rewarding partnership with our valued customers.

We aim to build a long-term, mutually trusting and rewarding partnership with our satisfied customers. Our philosophy: Whole-hearted . Dedicated . Compresensive Solution


  • Add/showroom: BT7-16, KĐT Văn Khê, Hà Đông, Hà Nội
    Inquiry: 038.224.1661
    Product consultation: 0789.000.134

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