MS sealant AS4001S at SMC 2 – more than elastomeric joint sealing.

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MS sealant AS4001S – not just limited to elastomeric joint sealing. MS polymer sealant is high performance sealant, which is often used to seal elastomeric joints such as door/window perimeter, wall panel joints, precast cocrete joints, floor expansion joint, ACP cladding, stone, metal panel façade joints etc. However in this special project of SMC 2-2, where special considerations must be taken in order to secure excellent permanent bonding and vibration-resistant for tiling wall (adjacent to machine room), the Japanese engineers decided to use MS sealant AS4001S for tiling inspite significant additional cost incurs. What a wise decision they made for long term hassle free operation!. Project name: SMC 2-2 Applied  by T.S.I in 2020 Product used: MS sealant AS4001S

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