Elastomeric Joint sealant

At the joint, the different building elements, materials and trades meet. A joint occurs where two components meet and may occur within an element of construction or at part of an interface between two elements. Joint sealing facilitates construction, as a number of components made of different materials are used. Joints allow for needed movement of the materials but must remain water, air, heat, cold and vapor tight. Avoid making mistakes where your building is most vulnerable to leakage – the joint. Why Joint Sealing is Important? The building blocks of your construction – like the concrete slab, the glass facade element, the roofing membrane, the metal cover – generally do not let water, moisture or air enter the building or structure. It is at the joints where a building is weakest to leakage. Only correctly specified and professionally applied high quality joint sealants will manage to keep your building or structure sustainably tight during its entire lifespan.  Find out how our sealing solutions can contribute to sustainable construction with high performance MS sealant AS4001 https://youtu.be/389saF8LgUs
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