AS-4001S MS Construction Sealant | High Performance Sealant | Green MS Sealant

AS 4001 4001S GECA 1


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  • Green MS sealant AS4001
  • WHY MS Green sealant AS4001S

High performance MS sealant, excellent bonding and UV resistance

|Outstanding features

  • Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified
  • ASTM C920 (Class 50) compliant
  • ISO 11600 (F Class 25 LM) compliant
  • Good UV resistance
  • Low static charge – Less dirt streaking
  • No silicone oil – Non-staining on adjacent substrates
  • No isocyanate – No air bubbling
  • No solvent – No shrinkage
  • Bonds most substrates without primer

MS Construction Sealant is a one-part, high-performance hybrid sealant that is based on advanced MS Polymer technology. It has excellent weathering, UV, and temperature resistance characteristics.

Ideal for sealing building concrete joints like wall panel joints, expansion joints, control joints, etc. It is also recommended for sealing window frame perimeter, metal panels and natural stone façade etc. Other common applications include sealing of anodized aluminium, finished wood, porcelain, coated metal, epoxy and polyester panels, polystyrene, UPVC, and stainless steel.

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