All purpose sealant AS-201

AS 201


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All purpose sealant AS-201 – a waterproof seal on many common wet area building materials.

| Description

All purpose sealant AS-201 is a one-component, versatile, acetic cure silicone sealant formulated for glazing and sealing applications where long term reliability is required. It will form a waterproof seal on many common wet area building materials.

Well suited for general sealing applications on various substrates (glass, aluminium, plastic, metals, etc.). 

| Features

  • ASTM C920 compliant
  • ±25% movement capability
  • Versatile sealant
  • Permanently flexible
  • Indoor and outdoor use

| Applications

Well-suited for general sealing applications such as sheet metal, skylights, ventilators, air-conditioning
systems, metal/ plastic signs, glass block structures and as a bedding for marine hardware.

| Not recommended for:

⊗ Substrates that could be corroded by acetic acid released as the sealant cures.
⊗ Copper or any alloys containing copper.
⊗ Polyethylene, polypropylene, and polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)
⊗ Traffic areas subject to abrasion.
⊗ Structural glazing.
⊗ Substrates such as concrete, marble, quartzite, or natural stone.
Neoprene rubber.

| Packaging, color

Content 280 ml
Carton Quantity 24 cartridges
Colors Clear, white , black, grey, aluminium & bronze

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