Anti-corrosion tape No.59 Series

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  • Anticorrosive installation NO59
  • Introduction Anti-corrosion tape No.59 series
  • NO.59 series-E
  • NO.59PW
  • NO.59M, NO.59MS

Anti-corrosion tape No. 59 Series – for underground

Rusting of steel pipes and steel structures, together with hairline cracks, poses a major hazard as it advances. In order to conserve resources and energy, it is necessary to thoroughly prevent even minor rusting. At Nitto Denko, we use No.59 Series Tape for rust prevention and anti-corrosion of irregularly shaped parts of the materials and places where rust prevention and anti-corrosion are applicable. No. 59 Series tapes are made from a non-woven fabric impregnated with a compound whose main ingredient is petrolatum, a substance derived from petroleum.  Consequently this materials possesses superior pliability and adheres tightly to any shape it is fitted into. Application is easy. It can either be wrapped and smoothed down, or it can be laid on and smoothed down, and forms an outstanding rust preventive, anti-corrosion layer.


  • Shuts out moisture and air from metallic surfaces.
  • Rust preventive and anti-corrosion petrolatum changes red rust to black rust, stabilizing it.
  • Chemical resistance is excellent, so it prevents corrosion from acid, alkali and bacteria.
  • Petrolatum, with its good adhesive strength, does not evaporate or harden, so it forms a rust preventive and anti-corrosion layer which always has adhesiveness.

Types of Tapes available to meet specific needs 

  • No. 59L, No.59H: For parts which are buried or which pass through water.
  • No. 59HN: For parts where flame retardation is required.
  • No. 59HT: For high temperature parts where heat resistance up to 90oC is required.

Simple application                                                                                                                                      

  • No special heat curing is necessary.
  • It fits snugly against any shape, no matter how complex
  • Heating is not necessary. An anti-corrosion layer can be created simply by wrapping and smoothing down.
  • Working time is shortened.

Major uses                                                                                                                               

  • Pipes, etc (not only straight sections but also flanges, elbows, T-joints, etc)
  • Steel structures with complex shapes.
  • For steel structures built in the sea or along tidal zones, the tape can be wrapped after applying an undercoat of underwater paste. If an appropriate protective cover is provided, a long term rust preventive and anti-corrosion fill will be formed.


  • Petrolatum is dissolved by organic solvents. Please do not use this product in places where there is danger of it coming in contact with organic solvent.
  • When applying a finish coating, make sure to check the coating’s characteristics.

Production component

No. 59 Series Tape

No. 59 series tapes are made from a non-woven fabric impregnated with a compound whose main ingredient is petrolatum. It has flexibility and can be fitted into complicated shape combined with filler materials and undercoat materials. As a result, it can perform superior rust prevention and anti-corrosion effect.

Filler No. 59M

Filler No. 59M is clayey material that short fiber and organic filler are added to petrolatum. Also, it is a supplementary material for No.59 tape. These are block type of material called No.59M and sheet type of material called No. 59MS.


  • A gap filler material for off-type steel like flange and valve.
  • Filler materials for uneven surface like beat part, corner part when putting it around the bottom edge of steel tank.

Undercoat material for petrolatum anti-corrosion tape – No. 59PW


No. 59PW is an undercoat material that includes inorganic filler materials and rust converters in it. The product shape is paste and can be used as a supplementary material for No. 59 Series.


  • After putting this material on the steel surface, removing a gap out between base steel and tape, it shall be adhered to base steel firmly.
  • This material has a function that converts red rust to black rust and can stabilize the rust.

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