AS-1001 Fire Retardant Sealant

AS 1001


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Fire stop sealant up to 4 hour retardant, prevent toxic smoke, gas

• 4 Hours Fire Rating
• Smoke, Fume and Water Resistant
• Easy Clean Up with Water

AS1001- Fire Retardant Sealant is acrylic based firestop sealant that provides movement capability in fire rated joint applications. It will transfer into foam above 200°C and it compliant with fire rating specification of BS EN 1366-4: 2006. It is almost odour free and is not corrosive towards metals. After applications, it forms a tough plastic elastic rubber by evaporation of water from the sealant.

Especially for indoor joints where high demands are to be met as a fire resistant seal:

  • Joints in fire retardant constructions in buildings, houses and ships.
  • Perimeter pointing around door and window frames, concrete and brickwork.
  • Joints between walls and ceilings.
  • Joints around pipe and cable work.
  • Joint dimensions do have effect on the fire retarding properties. The deeper the joints are sealed, the better the fire retarding properties.
  • In general, it will show good adhesion without a primer on building materials like concrete, brickworks, painted wood, anodized aluminium and uPVC.

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