No.95S NITOFLON Pipe Seal

UD No 95S 1


  • Data sheet

Pipe sealing tape


  • Its unique self-welding capability provides a tight seal by simply wrapping it around screw couplings. Easy to screw on, attach, and remove.
  • Screw coupling leaks caused by gaps between male and female screws can be prevented, especially by increasing elongation in the transverse direction.
  • Featuring impressive cold/heat resistance capabilities, with a temp range of -100 to 260 ℃.
  • Most chemicals (excluding fused alkali metals) Impenetrable by solvents or vapors.
  • Unlike with conventional twine and liquid compounds, your hands won’t get dirty. Work is made quick and easy. Usable with metal pipes such as iron, aluminum stainless steel, copper, and aluminum, as well as with plastic piping such as PVC.


  • Sealing for various pipe couplings.

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