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RF102 acrylic skim | flexible, no crack, sandable and paintable

It is a skim smoothing rendering paste and ready to use formula for repairing surface defects in concrete or render. A smooth surface is obtained by eliminating blemishes such as grooves, seams, fine cracks and rock pockets. It is suitable for fiber cement, fiber concrete, gypsum concrete, especially for wall and ceiling with good adhesion and weathering resistance, perfectly smooth finish, high flexible, no crack, no chalk and can be sanded and paintable


  • Easy to apply by trowel
  • High bonding strength
  • Perfectly smooth finish
    High flexible
  • Good weather resistance
  • No crack and low smell
  • Multi-layer coated without cracking
  • Safe and environmentally friendly

1. Surface must be clean, free of dust, oil, grease and other contaminates
2. Spray small amount of water on surface or use damp cloth wipe off surface before apply RHINOZ Acrylic Skim
3. Apply by stainless or steel trowel, apply one or several coats, can be recoated after 1-2 hours
4. It can be sanded after 16-24 hours and painting can be done after 24 hours
5. Clean tools and equipment with detergent and water

5 kg. 25 kg.

Store in a dry place with shelf life 1 year in the original unopened packing

Base : Acrylic polymer
Appearance : Viscous paste
Colour : See colour chart
pH : 8.0 – 10.0
Density : 1.5 – 1.6 g/cm3
Surface dry : 15 – 20 minutes ( Depending on ambient conditions and thickness )
Recoating dry : 1 – 2 hours ( Depending on ambient conditions and thickness )
Sand able : 16 – 24 hours ( Depending on ambient conditions and thickness )
Cure time : 7 days ( Depending on ambient conditions and thickness )
Bond strength : >1.5 N/mm2( ASTM D4541 )
Coverage : 1.5 kg./m2/1 mm.

RF 102 RHINOZ Acrylic Skim per big 600x641 1 8af5adcc

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