Oxidation Polymerized Outdoor Anti-corrosion Tape NITOHULLMAC XG Series

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Outdoor anti-corrosion Nitohullmac XG series in brief

Outdoor anti-corrosion Nitohullmac XG series in brief

• With its excellent elasticity, it tightly fits into any complicated shapes. • You only need to smoothing it after application or winding. You don’t need any special skill. • Compound hardly changes its viscosity both in low and high temperature, so the workability does not change both in summer and winter. However, you need a temperature of over 5℃ to apply topcoat. (Sometimes, crazing occurs when wind blows in to a place where the temperature is low). • Compound with high adhesiveness shuts out water and air from metal surface and brings out good anticorrosion effect. After work, it loses surface tackiness by oxidative polymerization, and forms a flexible tape layer.

Nitto Anticorrosion XG series component

Primer Nitohullmac XG-PN

Primer Nitohullmac XG-PN

Nitohullmac XG-PN is synthetic fluid and it is paste of non-solvent type primer that consists of rust preventatives; inert inorganic fillers and coloring agents etc. It has good waterproofing performance, inhibit rust advance by permeating rust layer because it is oil type.
Outdoor anti-corrosion tape Nitohullmac XG

Outdoor anti-corrosion tape Nitohullmac XG

Oxidation polymerized outdoor anti-corrosion tape Nitohullmac XG is made of plastic base non-woven fabric implemented with a compound which has a specially compounded drying oil as its main ingredient. This tape can perfectly fit to plant equipments that have complicated shape. Also, after construction the surface side of tape can be oxidized and will lose its stickiness and form anti-corrosion layer, good weatherbility; can shut out water and air that will lead to corrosion of metal surface of cause of good adhesive tape compound and primer
Filler material Nitohullmac XG-M

Filler material Nitohullmac XG-M

Nitohullmac XG is clay-like filler material added inert inorganic fillers and thickener etc to liquid rubber and is a supplementary material to be used when putting or winding anti-corrosion tape; can be used as gap filler materials for irregular shaped parts like flange or valve. It has good workability, hard to change the hardness at high or low temp; can keep it molded even at high temp.
Top coat Nitohullmac XG-T

Top coat Nitohullmac XG-T

Nitohullmac XG-T is water based top coating material whose main ingredients are acrylic emulsion and includes inert inorganic fillers, pigments and so so. Also XG-T(LW) can form a thing membrane that will increase surface strength with reinforce materials like cheesecloth. I can reduce stickiness of XG tape after application, and improve outside appearance, durability and waterproofing performance for XG tape
Packaging and consumption

Packaging and consumption

1. Primer XG-PN: 16kg/set, consumption: 300g/m2 2. XG tape: Size: 1.1mm x 100mm x 10m long 3. Filler XG-M: 20kg/set, consumption: 0.93kg/m2 4. Anti UV Top coat XG-T: 16kg/can, consumption: 300g/m2

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