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Frequently Asked Questions: Anti-corrosion Tape NITOHULLMAC XG Series

I. Sales and Ordering FAQs

For purpose of this paper, the Product means Outdoor Anti-corrosion Tape NITOHULLMAC XG Series (for above the ground), Anti-corrosion tape No. 59 Series – for underground, Anti-corrosion Vinyl Tape No.51 for underground and power cable protection.

What is the shelf life of the Product?

The Product have a shelf life 18 months when the product is stored in original airtight packaging, out of direct sunlight and under shelter. Please refer to each product technical datasheet for the correct shelf life.

How long does the Product’s corrosion protection remain effective?

The Product provides effective corrosion protection for clean metals for years when used correctly and utilized up to 15 years. The Product should be stored in original packaging away from direct sunlight in conditions below 300C) until it is ready for use.

Is there any other supplementary materials for application of the Product?

The Product’s application is very simple with such simple tools as wire brush, cloth, knife, scissors. To prevent primer coating on un-wanted area, it is recommended to use masking tape.

Can I apply red or yellow colored paint onto the finished topcoat?

Yes, it is possible to apply water-based paint on the finished topcoat into yellow, red or other color you prefer but painting can only be applied after the finished topcoat has been dried.

How do I know which of Nitto tapes products to use for my type of metal?

+ On the ground

+ Under the ground

+ Power cable and under the ground

How can I purchase the Product?

To purchase the Product, you can either call +84 981581661 to speak with a customer service representative, or send an email to sales@vinats.com.

How do I know that I am measuring length, width, and height correctly?

Contact us for detailed instructions.

What is the minimal quantity order (MOQ)?

I. Anti-corrosion Tape Nitohullmac XG series – on ground
  Description Unit MOQ
1.1 Primer for NITOHULLMAC XG-PN 16kg/set, color: STD/Sơn lót XG-PN Set 1
1.2 Oxidation Polymerized Outdoor Anti-corrosion Tape – NITOHLLMAC XG/Băng cuốn XG (Size: 1.1mm x 100mm x 10m), color: STD Roll 12
1.3 Filler materials for NITOHULLMAC XG – XG-M/20kg, color: STD Set 1
1.4 Top coat for NITOHULLMAC XG – XG-T/Sơn phủ kháng UV XG T/16kg, color: STD Set 1
II. No.59 Series Anti-corrosion Tape – underground
  Description Unit MOQ
2.1 Undercoat Material No.59PW/6kg – sơn lót Set 1
2.2 Anticorrosion Tape No.59L Size: 1.1mm x 100mm x 10m – băng cuốn chống ăn mòn Roll 18
2.3 Filler materials No 59M – 8 bags/case – 1 bag: 3kg – 1 set of 24kg Set 1
2.4 Anti-corrosion Vinyl Tape No. 51 Size: 0.4mm x 100mm x 10m, color: black – băng cuốn phủ ngoài Vinyl Roll 30

What is lead time Nitto’s stock products?

Depending on the time of your order. Standard lead time is between 6 and 8 weeks from downpayment’s date.

II. Technical FAQs

What is corrosion?

Corrosion is the chemical or electrochemical reaction between a material, usually a metal, and its environment that produces a deterioration of the material and its properties. Usually corrosion is the oxidation of metals in the presence of water or water vapor, and is known as rust (iron, steel) white rust (galvanized steel), and other terms of corrosion failures such as tarnish, pitting and flaking.

How does the Product prevent corrosion?

The Product prevent corrosion in several ways:

  1. From outside, by acting as a protective barrier from external corrosive atmospheric elements such as abrasion, water, dirt, and acid gas pollutants. The Anti-UV membrane has good weatherbility, can shut out water and air that will lead to corrosion of metal surface.
  2. From inside, the primer coat has good waterproofing performance, settles on metal surfaces and inhibits rust advance by permeating rust layer because it is oil type.

 Can the Product protect those structure/parts that are already corroded?

Definitely, once the Product is wrapped onto the already-corroded steel structures, from the inside, the primer coat will inhibit rust advance by permeating rust layer because it is oil type, and from the outside, the Anti-UV membrane can, with good weatherbility, shut out water and air that will lead to corrosion of metal surface.

For better and long-term protection, it is recommended to protect the “susceptible to corrosion” steel structures right after it is constructed for long-life trouble-free operation.

Can the Product be used for complex shape strucutres/items like flanges, bolts, nuts, valves, connectors, uneven surfaces?

Yes. The Product set has Nitohullmac XG, which is clay-like filler material added inert inorganic fillers and thickener etc to liquid rubber and is a supplementary material to be used when putting or winding anti-corrosion tape, can be used as gap filler materials for irregular shaped parts like flange or valve. It has good workability, hard to change the hardness at high or low temp, can keep it molded even at high temp

 Does the topcoat has waterproofing function?

Yes. Once dried, the topcoat shall form a thing membrane that will increase surface strength with reinforce materials like cheesecloth. It can reduce stickiness of XG tape after application, and improve outside appearance, durability and waterproofing performance for XG tape.

 Are there any inhalation or contact risks with the Product?

The Product is safe. Please refer to the respective MSDS.

What is the best way to store the Product before use?

Keep the Product in original packaging until use. Store in a dry, covered warehouse at room temperature. When not using the Product for an extended period, enclose in airtight plastic packaging to prevent atmospheric contamination and preserve it. Reclose packaging at the end of shifts or during downtime.

If you have any questions about our products and services that are not answered above, please contact our technical team for more information.

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