PU vs MS sealant | The outstanding features of MS sealant

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Characteristics MS Sealant PU Sealant
Chemical base Modified Silicone Polymer (hybrid, STPE) PolyUrethane
ASTM C920 compliant Yes Yes, exceeding
Tack free time <1 hour > 1 hour
Movement capability (ASTM C719) ±50% ±25%
VOC content Low VOC, GECA certified green lable for green building High
Containing solvent and Isocyanate (hazardous) No Yes
Bubbling (caused by isocyanate that reacts with moisture and generates CO2 bubbles in curing process) No Yes (the higher the moisture level, the more bubbles)
Shrinkage (recessed) after cure (caused by solvent evaporating in curing process) No Yes
Paintable Yes Yes
Damp substrate bonding Yes No
UV resistance Good Bad
Service life >10 years 3-10 years
Primerless bonding to most substrades Yes No
Storage stability/heat resistance Good Bad
Service temperature -30oC to +100oC -40oC to +70oC
Price Competitive against PU Moderate

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